Friday, April 07, 2006

Untie one knot to tie another

I leave to Kerala on Sunday to get married. For Me to become Us. I would out of office for the next three weeks. And i have to get my Mail clients switched off, my computer logged off and get the desk clean.

And as a part of these activities, i had to remove my name from a particular Distribution List in Office. Just so that my mailbox does not get clogged with Mails.

I had to remove myself from the DL named "Prolite Team". This is my team. For the first time in almost 4 years, i remove myself from all communications that span my team. And surprisingly for a very professional part of me, i felt a little wierd. I wouldnt want to over dramatize by talking about a pang of grief that stabs through my heart and all that jack, but it does really feel wierd.

I pride myself in the way i can keep my professional part of me safe and separated from the intensely personal part, but somewhere there is definitely a convergence. I guess thats what makes me - I, Me and not I, Robot!


  1. Congratulations :) May you find lasting peace and happiness!

  2. Congratulations. And all the best.

  3. Agnostia,

    Welcome Back - Glad to see you are still around !!! :)

    Did u get my mail ?

  4. Nope. I never did. So how about the kalyana sadya? When are we getting to fill out our collective stomachs with that heavenly muttashi food?

  5. by the way.. I finally got to get to hitchhike across the galaxy! ;)

  6. Glad to see you around.. wrote a mail to the gmail id given in your profile.. Dunno what went wrong!!

    Do u come online in yahoo msgr now adays? What time n when ? the same id given in your profile ? Do let me know...

    Would love to catch up with you..

    Kalyaana sadya - Any time - welcome home anytime and we can feed you till your li'l tummy bursts...

    And H2G2 - so now u know what humor is all about :)

    y did u stop blogging ?

  7. Hey.. I always knew what humour was. I just got a full five-books' worth dose of it. I never stopped blogging.. I just took an extended off. I do come on yahoo .. but not much. Seems like I am digging that early social grave.. :D

  8. hope to catch u alive in yahoo sometimes agnostic...

    Would love to know how life is revolving around the pretty busy bee