Friday, September 07, 2007

The Void

Krishnamurthy says "The moment one's by oneself, it begins. Any desire for its continuaunce, any disappointment if it does not continue does not exist. IT is simply there whether one wants it or not. It's beyond all reason and thought"

I miss my parents. and slowly all those days all those times of togetherness are fleeting in front of my eyes. I wish i had some spectacular memories to come flashing by. All that comes are simple straight memories - of anger, of fighting, of laughter, of being caught, of daily life. Those Sunday evenings, when my mother used to spend time pressing my clothed - she wanted to save that money. Not knowing the financial distress that we were going through, i used to refuse any help to my mother as i find the press-wallah right in front of my house.

My father - the idealistic man with his set of principles. Lot of poeple ridiculed him, some liked him. But he never let that bother him. The only thing that used to bother him was that we used to get bothered about such comments.

.... I wish to write more, but am flowing though too many too fast thoughts....

Krishnamurthy mentions his comment ( at the start of the blog) about conssciousness, for me its more of a depression. That's somewhere close to where i am now. - A void. It is that small place between here and there. And i am there.

To rely back on Krishnamurthy again "The pressure continues and the strain is at the base of the head and it's painful"

Ref: Krishnamurthy's notebook

Friday, August 17, 2007

Silent Revolution

I'd like to believe that a Revolution is on. A silent one at that. And i would like to dream that the wave is slowly gaining momentum till such time that it becomes a huge rollicking wave - changing the face of the sea.

For me, it started with a pleasant surprise of a print ad today morning in the Economic times.

The gist is this - Here's a chance to lead India. And no kidding.

And here's the deal. The Times of India gives you 50 lacs for a social welfare project (This and all that follows are only if you are selected, i guess). And then yo get a chance to do a masters in political sceience from Harvard. TOI gives you all the media publicity that you require. And finally, they support you to contest elections. Give you a fair and square chance to live that one life where we can do something for India.

Learn more at this URL:

The concept is novel, the idea, noble. Now it is time for us to stop lip service and act on our talk. Now it is time, for us to be the change that we wish to see.

Jaago, India, Jaago.

I think the person or people selected through this are the real Indian Idols. People can Sing, can Act. They come and Go. But to lead a country - something that we keep cribbning bout and want to change - So here's the chance.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

National Anthem - Commercially packaged!

That's the mantra in everyone's lips today. India turns 60 . And am sure throusands of words have been written, thousands of keys clicked today in praise and in planning for a better land, country, India. Am sure criticisms, suggestions, disappointments, optimism, everything would be spread way across the country's cyberspace today. I, am not going to add to that.

But i really did want to do mouthspeak about one thing that i noticed today across so many TV channels ( After all, isnt it our national pastime to watch reruns of movies in TV on any national holiday ? :) ) Anyways, where was I.. ahh yes i was watching TV and almost every punctuating commercial break had ran ad of a Indian cellular giant. And the ad had various eminent vocalists rendering a very famous composition melodied by a famous composer. The composition - Our Own National Anthem !

I was taught to give respect to my National Anthem. And the first time, it rang through the tv speakers, i was proud that the channels remembered our nation on this day and i stood, in respect, of my country. Fifteen minues later - the same ad again. fifteen min later - again - and again and again and again.

Has our National Anthem become nothing more than a commercial jingle ? Are we respecting it or demeaning it ? Why would i want to listen to my National Anthem as a forerunner to watching a acompany name ? How could the company do it ? How could so many Indian National stand in mute silence when this was approved. It hurts me, and it frustrates me that i cant do anything about it.

Think about it, what further disrespect could you show to your National Anthem - Has it been leased to a company ? Isnt it above all things commercial? HOW COULD YOU???? THis is what kept on rining in my ears. A billion people - eating, sleeping, half sleeping, feet over each other, pointing at the TV, half reading magazines - in all tasks possible, in all positions imaginable would have heard the national anthem promoting a company. Hwo could a national anthem be commericalized?

I dont demand apologies. I do not want uprising of people against this. I only want all of us to understand that is more than just a fad to be patriotic, to have respect and to love your country. It is more than pinning little paper flags on our shirts. After all, there are amongst us, some who would want to get the paper flag without the bill, to save tax.

I stand here, in staunch unacceptance of the advertisement and the company that it promoted. I stand here, head held high, eyes down in respect, on the side of my country.

My Country. I Care.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Sun beating down mercilessly outside, making even the interiors of our room glowing with bright yellow light...

The fan going around itself, in its humming fight to keep the send heated air all around the room....

Kishore kumar smiling at me from the speakers - "mere dil mein aaj kya hein - too kahen to mein bata doon....

I can't but smile at myself as my eyes close me into a lazy nap...

Mere dil mein aaj kya hein....