Friday, June 11, 2010

Super Panda to the rescue !!! :) :) - A Very different Experience on internet purchase

I had a very pleasing experience on one of my internet purchases. I had ordered ink for my printer from an online store

I had no previous experience from the store - had zero-ed in on them based on the lowest price for the cartridges based on google results. So, apart from a decent, hassle-free shopping and shipping experience - i did not have any further expectations.

The user experience was good, and the shopping transaction completed easily. Shipping was also good - the cartridges arrived today by 6 days. But the best was yet to come.

Imagine my pleasant surprise, when i opened the package, and found a lovely handwritten post-it note from Lance - thanking me for the order and wishing me good times with the ink!! That was such a unexpected human touch - that i loved it!

It was such a nice change from the typical CRM mails that i get from many other big shops on the net - Keep up the great work Team yoyo!! - Next time my ink dries out - i know which URL i will click on!! :) It feels good to know that somebody actually looked through the order and packed them for you - and took pains to drop you a personal note - Especially during these times, where even the person at the fast food counter where you go every day, doesn't bother looking at your eyes - Something at the billing counter always is more attractive :)

And if you haven't tried Yoyo - i would recommend you give them a try - They not only deliver well - they might even bring a smile to your face on a gloomy rainy day! :)


  1. Hahahahaha THANK YOU Jayachandran (or Jay?) We get a lot of feedback from the post-it notes that we write but being blogged about is our first time, and we definitely appreciate it ( a lot! ) :D We will for sure keep up the good work and we are also thankful that we get to serve your printing need!! Have a fantastic day there buddy!!


  2. Always Welcome Lance :)

    I genuinely liked the action and hence the blog! :)