Monday, July 19, 2010

Happiness - found at a subway station.

At the Harvard square t station in Boston, there is this street performer playing guitar and singing. We've seen them in so many places, in so many costumes.

But there's something different about her - beyond the fact that she is singing in Chinese. She seems incredibly happy just to be there and to be singing. No, I mean not just a smile, but from the heart. How does she do it?

Around her I find the contrast- people upset that it's hot outside, people upset that their mobiles don't have network signal, people who are upset, I don't know why! And me too, I am upset, for a silly fight at home.

Am almost embarrassed to look at her - how can i be upset when my life is so good? upset enough to spoil my day at something so silly? Am sure she has her won issues and problems - no man ever was and is without problems - but she simply choses to be happy. And here i was, choosing to feel miserable on a very very silly spat! As i kept looking at her smile, at some point, i realized that i was smiling too - my frown had disappeared!

With a loud racket, my train had arrived and while walking towards the train, dropped some money onto her box. With the same smile, she said - thank you!

No, thank YOU lady, thank YOU!!


  1. Many years ago...I was looking at the pavement and walking down a street in Santhome. Weighed down my (then) worldly woes. I stopped to let a man pass by me on a narrow stretch near santhome high. Never looking up, just patiently waiting.
    He stepped past and then he said, 'Smile, it's ok'.
    I looked up startled. shaken out of my world into this one to look at him. He had paused and then we both continued on our opposite ways. A few steps later i stopped and turned. He did too. I raised my hand, he returned the gesture. I smiled.

    He turned my day around. Even today.

    Pay it forward Jai.

  2. I know - sometimes we just think too much of our own trouble - when we have so much to be happy about! :)

    Glad that you all are around me, Smelly or not :)