Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Those days Gone and these days going...

Few months back, my wife and I made through a trip through the Western Coast of  USA. A trip that opened our eyes to a lot of the wonder that is nature - there is no other way to describe standing spell bound on the edges of the Grand Canyon, gasping at the world's best preserved meteor crater and lot more adventures.

It also expanded our views on some of the man's advances. From seeing the tribal laws co-exist with federal laws peacefully to the most unbelievable realization of a dream - Viva Las Vegas!
( i hold no copyright to the image, i just used one that came up in Google search :) )

The trip took us through some of the most scenic drives and some very beautiful cities and places...

And i thought, i would go ahead and revitalize my blogs with detailed travelogues. Procrastination, unfortunately took over. And now, there is something that we are going through, which brings in anxiety and information is not that easy to locate. Hence i thought i would start writing again, trying to consolidate the information that i am gathering, so that it might help others in their quest for knowledge in the related field.

Blogging, here i come back again! :)

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