Thursday, May 19, 2005

Been to Bangalore

Been to Bangalore, these three days. Was a part of a training programme for PM. The training methodology used was pretty interesting. A book was given to us, with a lot of blanks and a lot of portions where we had to fill in with our writngs.

Of course, we being what we are, we had our own reservations in being forced to write to fill in the blanks. The fill ins were not a test, but were actual test material which we had to pfill in as the trainer lectured. Pretty interesting it turned out, as finally, i realized that the retenstion factor was extremely high in that mode of teaching. Was able to answer the questions of the quiz without refering the book at all. Pretty amazing!

Lots more to write.. guess i wud leave that for tomorrow.

PS: Btw, am reading The rule of four. More of an endurance test for me !! :(