Sunday, May 29, 2005

I'm an Uncle!!!!! :)

Ten months back, one evening, my best friend, the dr. called me and gave me a surprise message - said that his wife was carrying. ( Whether it was an accident or a purposeful incident, is yet to be known though !! :) )

Ten months later, millions of pick-up-bhabhi-in-the-car-errands later, he called last night around 2:37 AM to tell me the wonderful news. I am an uncle of a sweet nice young boy!!!! The boy was born on 1:03 AM at Hyderabad.

I looked at the phone today morning after i woke up just to ensure that it was not a dream. God knows we've been waiting for this news for so long and i wanted to ensure that this was not a illusory culmination of hope and optimism! But there the call listing was and i called the happy dad, hungry for more details... The boy does not have so much of hair, has long fingers, and with a nose like his dad's ( Needless to say, thats the most noticeable characteristic in the dad too ha ha )

I wish i could have been in Hyderabad to be with him this wonderful moments as much as i am sure i would want all of us to be with me when this moment comes for me. Anyways, am happy to know that god has blessed them with a boy without any ceasarian operations. The initial date mentioned by dr.s were the 22nd of May. and for a week, every day passing by without labour pains, we were moving one inch closer to ceasarian. But there is, apparently, one middle step before th ceasarian. The medical inducing of the labor pains and the lady succumbed after 3 rounds of inducing, i understand. In the dr's view point, the lady is definitely not as frail as she looks :):):):)

Anyways, am an uncle now. Guess it is time for me to settle down too :) ( hope my mother does not read this !! :) )

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  1. Suddenly remembered that you started blogging..:)

    Congradulations on the new arrival!! I know you've been waiting for that did'nt you.. you wanted a "girl" did'nt you??;):)))

    Anyway, it is always a great feeling to have new arrivals at home, babies are just amazing! Have fun!