Saturday, May 21, 2005

The rule of four !!!

Am trying to download the Windows XP SP2 - With nothing much to do while the bits stream through to my computer, thought i could tap some energy onto my keyboards!

Been reading the apparent international best seller 'The Rule of Four'. And what an endurance test this has been! The rule, apparently streaks the story of a set of four guys who are, voluntarily or involuntarily, caught in the middle of unravelling of a mystery shrouded in a secret old book. Sounds familiar ? yes sah - we are in another mystery which is hidden in our plain views in a book.

The book name - an unpronouncable name a la a biological specimen name - something to do with hysteria or Hypnotism - i still cant get the name here! The book has a myraid set of codes that need to be broken for you to be led to a secret treasure. sounds interesting ??? Dont even think about it! The novel somehow is able to mingle the veryyyyyyyyyyyyy (yawn) dull story of four college students and their life in a college ( yawn ) with one of them miraculously ( the word that much befits the situation than the word that the author has used - intelligently ) arriving at those multiple codes that can break the cryptic message in the book.

I have never forgotten the first rule of consulting and contact mgmt - "identify a personal link with the person whom u want to make contacts with" It is always good to have a anchor point. I guess the same relates to a book too. That is what i am able to attribute to the Da vinci code too. The success of the book not only lies in those wonderful cryptic brain teasers, but also in the fact that they existed in commonplace artifacts - something that we are all aware of. Now try moving the same set of clues to a book that u have never even heard of - does the charm remain ? at least for me, nope, it does not. For we am not able to identify ourselves with the book. Hence th book moves from "how-come-i-never-noticed-it" wonder to "oh-okay" acceptance.

This is what happens to the Rule of four too. So what if a book called hypnter..... ( i still cant remember the name) which talks about the love of poliphilio and polia has some cryptics in it? Oh-okay so it does exist. Even with this lac of identification, the book stil could have got into a tight thriller, had the authors kindly let us out of the humdrum existence of the four college students. Can u imagine writing whole chapters about how a characters parents lived and dies when that has not much to do with the main story line.

I have not yet compelted the book. And since i have started it, i do have to finish it too and i will grovel thorugh the whole endurance, definitely! For me, reading the book is like watching a mega serial - you can skip entire chapters an still not lose anything from the story !! :):):)

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