Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Perennial Question

What do u do when some one asks you to do what is against your beliefs and ethics?

Lets call the "Action to be done" as X

Objectively analyzing:
1. X does not cause harm to anyone
2. X is encapsulation. So to say, is to delay disclosure of something
3. X gives hope to some one and those hopes and expectations can - MIGHT - come crashing down when the encapsulation ends.

4. There is a way of justification that can make X perfectly over-the-board-action.

But you believe that X is not fair. You believe that doing X is selfish and does not take into consideration the feeling of the other person.

At the same time, the person who requests X of you is a very close person to you. It hurts when that person hear your NO and breaks down.

If only the world rotated with the power of brain and not by heart….


P.S. : I chose not to do X. The person so close to me, after the immediate emotional upheaval, saw my point and agreed to re consider. I was lucky.


  1. This is like getting back to Atlas Shrugged, oh, ya i am still in that hang over and its drilling me little harder.

    I choose not to do X, if i cant convince myself doing it.

    Analysing some more on this, if its a person very close, he/she will not force you to do something which beyond your ethics and believes... i would'nt.

    If the person does'nt know what values you hold for yourself, you live by (come on, cannot be so close if he/she does;nt know).. atleast there would be an understanding of the "NO".

    If both these conditions fail, he/she deserves the NO!

  2. It is the Ultimate question of What would you do????

    The encapsulation, as you said, is bound to be revealed.

    And when it does - some one would get hurt. mainly you. And because you hurt the other person who asked you to do this - you will hurt more as the person is close to you.

    From experience - I have always chosen to DO the X. But tell you the truth. The guilt of doing it has been forever with me.

    So the question is - Is it "ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL?????"