Monday, June 13, 2005

The lazy week

If you've read the Linda Good man's books, you would know that the Librans are apt to have these mood swings - where he decides that - enough ! enough of the positive side and with a smooth trasition, navigates to use the darker side of the Force. Sometimes, during such times, life leaves you with a high and dry feeling.

It was such a week for me last week. Nothing much happened, no energy to take anything forward, just wanted to let everything flow. Remind me of the haiku that conveys this - I loved the stream and i returned back. The stream is there, but the water has flown. Sublime, yet so powerful. I always wonder what would the man would have felt, had he really come up with that feeling.

Absolute Madness ! :) But Order among madness- The total ordered Chaos Theory. We can give it so many names and as more and more names play on my keyboard tapping fingers, my mind sees a glimmer of humor and my lips slowly arch into a sweet small smile. So many things to define the feeling of nothingness. If so much can be said about nothingness, then nothingness is actually much more than nothing. :)

Am at office right now and i think this is going to be a dull borign days with me having to get some cheer myself... One of the times, when i want to be wrong.

Now - that was better.. After having bored you with my nothingness, i feel lighter already. Its' gloing to be a wonderful day - yaaawn !! Am slightly sleepy though! :)

Catch u, the unknown unlimited quantity of net population, a little later!

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