Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Slowly, moving clouds darken the sky. The scroching sun rays slowly disappear from the horizon and cool wind announces the arrival of monsoon. The heart leaps in joy even though the hands try to shield the eyes from the wind. As you look up to see the clouds smiling on you, suddenly, unexpectedly, un announced, the first drops of the cool fresh water fall on your face. The smell of fresh earth pierce your nostrils and fills your heart with joy unabound! Unbelievably, you stretch out your palms and look at it searchingly for more drops that splatter your body and suddenly, the realization dawns! With one last fleeting look of thanks skywards, you run to the nearest shelter.

It pours.

The Rain remains, till day the most impressive tranquilizer for me.Even the lightest pitter patter is enough to spread a thin film of fantasy over my eyes. Whatever i see then is an absolute mirage of idyllic beauty. The noise is gone, so are the visually blaring sights of the city around me. What remains is peace, is the feeling of being washed over.

Rain also gives me duality. Being in a close room while it's pouring outside gives me a feeling of security. It makes me want to hold on to some one near and makes me want to live life. The laziness, the longing, the bliss of doing nothing, of saying nothing settles in. The flowers of fantasy bloom and if you are with some one you love, well, chemistry would definitely happen. It is the feeling of a littel cove of security within the lashing rain. Just out of the cocoon, it is chilly, it is cold, but inside your cocoon, it is warm, cosy and you know it is much more than just the closed room. The warmth is more from you and the steaming cup of coffee you lovingly hold wrapped in your palms.

At the same time, out in the open in the rain gives me a feeling of being one to nature. It makes me feel that nature has decided that i've had enough of the civilized world's dirt, talk and life. And thankfully decides to give me a heart warming but bone chilling sensation with her smoothest gestures - a nice big hug with her watery arms. It makes me feel one with whatever is out there - life, creativity, God, Nature.

Which one of these feelings is dearer to me, is not known - here -another mystery for you to solve!! :)

Isn't rain always romantic ? The light chitter chatter the early rains make as u run towards the nearest bus shelter; the heavy downpour that suddenly catches u unaware that makes u look skywards and give a half thankful half giving-up smile to the One above; the continuous torrential downpour having masked the sky in dark black clouds - doesn't all these spell Romance ?

Those small legs that jump on the poodles of water braving the rain, the droplet of water that traces the arch of your lover's eye brows in its lingering defeat to gravity; those streams of water that try to so sensuously escape your palm as you wipe your face - is it not romance ?
Those swish swash of the wipers as they incessently clear the water from your windshield while Kishore Kumar breathes melody into your ears, those green leaves that bend down bearing the weight of the falling drops, that swirling smoke that creates a misty curtain on the window glass as you gaze out, those splatters of rain drops they fall on the wondow sills, don't they make up the word romance?

Those unsuccessful shoutings that every mother gives seeing her child run in gay abandon to the muddy street on a rainy day; that given up pose, still with a smile, as she sees her child's hair, shirt and body drench; those tightening grips as you pull their lover to a shelter in the sudden downpour; those lovingly harsh words whispered to your lover under the crowded bus stand for not having run faster and for having got wet, that defying smile on your lover's face blatantly disclosing that getting wetter is not really out of consideration; isn't this that makes up romance ?

Rain, for me is all things combined. It is a bit of sadness, a bit of rejuvenation, and a bit of wonderful amaze!

As they say
small boy at glass door,
befuddled by pounding rain,
claps to rain's tattoo.


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  1. I liked this a lot...makes me feel like getting drenched now :)