Saturday, July 09, 2005

Conflict un-managed!

I assumed the conflict was over with the apparent show of strength of the interesting people that night.

I was mistaken.

Yesterday, there was a visit from their PL / PM to my floor - wanting to see Apoorva or Jay. Apoorva was in station and Jay was in a training. Hence this man got re-directed to Pradeep, the manager. What followed after that apparently was a movie style conversation about how things would have been different had he been on the scene. It was apparently a mingle of subdued personal threats about being a hero himself and also threats about how he can spoil people's career inside the organization.

Pradeep, being a guy with the same wavelength as me, stopped him in the middle and gave it to him with no vague terms that he has had his share of rough life also, and let's not have any qualms of that too.

I had a call today. The log of short of the same is in the lines below:

Me: "So what is the purpose of this call? What is it that you want? The whole issue is not worth so much of fuss. Assuming that he had used such a word in the conversation, it is a very easily forgivable 'offense' considering the stress and him being a fresh resource of college. And beyond all this, considering that I had made profuse apologies on professional standpoint, what is it that you want now?"

Caller: "No, it’s not that we want anything, but what he did was not right"

Me: "So why are we having this conversation?"

I was clueless. Why, at all, were we having that conversation? Was he trying to prove some point that he was Don Corleone? Or perhaps Luca Brasi? Why would I care? And are we on the streets of new York ages ago? I work here. He works here. Stress is not an uncommon fare. Work comes on top. But for them, no. Apparently some one had spoken to one another of my team member that he can screw up Apoorva's career or appraisal or whatever.

Shows the quality of the recruitment policies of this great organization. Like one of my friends say, "Well, yes, if u start to top every way farer and ask him whether he has a BE under his belt and if yes, pull him into this company with fat pay checks, this would bound to happen". He is right. And this attitude is not among the new programmers or lower grades, here we are talking about assistant managers and mangers!

I refused to prolong a conversation with him. On insight, if he had any sense, he should have sensed what was going on. Have you ever had a fight when you were a child when u knew that you wanted to fight, but didn't want to be blamed for starting one? I had a simple technique. I used to slap or hit the opponent lightly.  The opponent would retaliate. If he does not retaliate, then you do the slap thing again. And then he retaliates with higher strength and a more fatal blow. Its fight club then. And of course, he started it, you didn't , you were just playing with him!  You provoke him. You never, ever hit your opponent first so hard that he buckles down. You let him hit you.

Provocation. That is what it is all about.

And now professionally, I am clean where as the team and it's lead on the other side are darkly in shadows! I would love to provoke them and let them give me a chance to escalate this. Anyways, this is the kind of people who work with me. Now, I have lost all respect for this organization as the whole.

I was the Associate of the year for 2004. I got the certificate last week. I have been wanting to laminate and frame the same. Now, I do not want to. I have dumped the certificate inside the deepest nuances of my almirah. Just another document along with the others as I go ahead on my career.



  1. Cheer up buddy! I can tell you 100s of stories such as this.. with this place. Lot of them personal experiences. No place is any better than this.

    There has been, humiliations, back-stabbing, insults, attitudes whatever you want to call it. But there has always been some best people i've worked with, i've admired, who have made me stay in this place for such a long time even after so much of humiliation.

    However the world is full of such people, everywhere you turn, you ten to bump into such people. But we dont lose hope with world.........

    Hang on buddy, lot of good things around..:))).. you would'nt have got to know a person like me, if not for this place..!! That;s called self flattery :))

  2. Right on girl -
    But can't say the same thing about me. (alas!!)

    The conflict unmanaged is nothing compared to the kind of gossip that runs around over here. I am just 3 months old into the organisation and I have to practically switch off my hearing so that NOT to hear anything about anybody.

    plus the Tamil that I DON'T KNOW helps too.

    But that's what life is all about. From whatever I have seen of me - he can get over anything. So this is easier than peice of cake.

    We could also do what Reader's Digest sends to us as "All in a Day's Work"

    The best way to get over this kind of stress is this -
    Get to office. Knowing something had already happened you should create a word document and name it "officework" or "pendingwork" or "officestress" and send it to recycle bin

    Then, when you are asked if you want to delete this item. firmly answer yes.

    Then go to recycle bin, and empty recycle bin. again when asked if you are sure you want to empty the folder. DO IT.

    This ought to make you feel better.

    I do it. And it helps. So what do you want to do?