Saturday, July 02, 2005

Saturday Morning!

It's a nice sunny wonderful Saturday morning... GEtting ready to get to my shuttle game now. I feel the day is going to be the same as every weekend.

The ritual breakfast at Saravana Bhavan - its been going on for almost 4-5 years now. And then playing shuttle for about 4-5 hours. Lunch between the two bachelors ( Reddy;s wife and parents being in Hyderabad ) makes him a bachelor now.. A Worse one than me right now, he is not even accustomed to bachelor hood ha ha

Oh yeah - i've got to go pay my tel bills.. that;s gonna take some time though. :) and might decide to meet Kripa in the evening... She is prob bored out of her skin.. but dont know if i wud be able to entertain her and wondering if i wud be a big let down to her :)

Alriteee.. gotta go.. catch u guys later!


  1. must be so good for you.. the whole corporate stint .. Monday to Friday - work hard.

    Saturday to Sunday - party harder!!!

    The Saturday mornings are just the usual - the late morning wake up call. The late work at office 'coz you don't want to go back home.

    And once you are home, trying to find ways to keep yourself busy so as to not think of emptiness and boredom!!!!

    Life is great in Chennai.. but I miss Delhi....

  2. :):)

    Oh, i am just lucky to have friends around me, agnostia :)

    Sometimes, i miss Delhi too. Especially the wonderful walk to the India Gate on a winter night, hands warming itself inside the pocket, every breath and words swirling though mist. The yellow lights throwing a warm life over everything. The wet grass crushing under your feet.

    Also, the hot chai and steaming breakfast on a cold morning. Or the long drives you could take to mussorie or chandigarh or roorkee or the hospitality of the wonderful people.

    Every city has its own charm and you only need the people around you to explore the same! :)

    Where do you work, agnostia, if i could ask u that? More like - curious that's all! - so if you don't mind :)

    And your time would be less empty now, you are visiting my blogs right ? ( Ha ha ha - i can see that smirk and those words - EGO!!! - in bold capitals :):):) )- jus kidding! :)

  3. yoo hoo...
    thanks for describing my delhi for me.. and sorry i have NEVER taken a walk on the India Gate sunset boulevard.. remind me to do so when i get there.. but it would have to be on a summer evening as it would be that time of the year when i get there...

    and for all that it matters - i am a supposed journalist; at work in Indian Express internet division...

    and my user name comes from a word that you would like to think about - agnostic.

    check it out !!!!
    and also this link

  4. Agnostic. That's a very interesting word. Think i would write one small peace about it tomorrow or the day after.

    Agnostic. The searcher for truth. The spreader of news. Charming. Explodingly emotional. Brilliantly expressive. You.