Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sunday Evening!

Alrite!!! So it's been two days since i wrote the previous blog about being the nice fresh and sunny Saturday morning.

Almost 36 hours, 8 hours of shuttle, 300+ rs. on saravana bhavan breakfast, and 3 washing machine full of clothes later, here i am - on a Sunday evening. Don't know where time has gone.

Mmmm.. Let me see - Saturday morning was good - After the lovely breakfast with the friends of mine, i went around doing the usual chores - tel bills and usual bank visits. But this time, the bank visit was slightly longer than usual - am gonna open an account for my dear amma to get her some cash - wud mean more independance ( and more shopping ) for her :) and then it was hitting the shuttle court for some time. It has been quite some weeks since we played shuttle and it showed in the rustic movements that we had. I guess, i am growing old :):)...

Lunch was indulgence. Me and the other bachelor have discovered this dish called Special Andhra Chicken in a restaurant and we ravaged with phulkas and thoda sa rice. Since we did not have anything to do at home, Reddy Sr. suggested we go to Anniyan. Mayajaal was the only place where tickets were available and that too there was this major fuss they made about coming there early to pick up their tickets and stuff. I fell back to Anusha - the PR expert in my team. She seemes to have a great network already up and running and the guys in mayajal easily agreed to hold the tickets for us.

Spent some money picking up some new clothes and after thatthe evening was inside the illusions of mayajaal. I had seen the movie already and i guess i was lucky that way. Some wierd instincts of the theatre owners made them play the audio at an extremely high level. So much so that for every sond, i walked out searhching for excuses - pop corn, egg puffs, coke, mens room - all of them were viable excuses for me :)

Monday morning were almost a repetition of the prev day. SAravana Bhavan - and a lovely session of Shuttle. There was no one else in the cluba nd it was us 4 who had the court for ourselves and it was fun playing the competitive doubles. Need to get the habit of hitting it straight to the other man's racket out of my system though ( But me and Dustin won the higher no. of games though :) )

Lunch, a lovely nap, the wonderful Wimbledon finals and a nice dinner at Amaravathi past, here i am! - tapping away streaming bits of characters in this keyboard. This week is going to be crazy - am in a training session for the whole of this week - about OOAD - can u beat that????? :(

Hope all you guys have a great week ahead of u too - Hey all those on the other side of the globe ( i do have an ego, don't i ? assuming that ppl on the other side of the globe also read my posts :) ) how was the 4th of July fireworks?


  1. Sorry it took me so long to get to your Sunday evening.

    You describe it as if you want the whole world to know how it was - Your Day.

    It is really amazing how people can find joy in these day-to-day activities they do.

    The Mayajaal was all Kaal for me. The only time I went there I had to go the the cinemascope workers to tell them to reduce the volume.

    I think my ears never got over that torture.

    And the bachelor's life seems quite amazing. Wish I was one too. and NOT a bachelorette.

    Oh BTW Mr me, How do you know you are being flattered by a "charming agnostic"?

    Agnostia was talking about herself - Mr me flattering Ms Agnostia by dedicating a whole post to her.

    I would have said, "Let's meet one of these days." But somehow I just want to keep the anonymous contact.

    What say you????

  2. What say me????

    "Let's meet one of these days."


  3. Mr. Me.. i am thinking of digging out all your weekend blogs.. :))) wat say?

    Ppl on the otherside of the globe is also reading your blog1 :)

    I was in San Diego Sea World swimming, eating, playing, riding with killer whales, sharks, dolphins......on July 4th.It was exuberant Fireworks. Its not just about the fireworks, its about the spirit with which the day is celeberated, every other shop had blue, white and red baloons all over, every house had a flag hoisted. Every body was celeberating! every vehicle that appeared has some symbol of celeberation! It was awesome
    Its such a lovely feeling to touch the keyboard after 5 days!

  4. and they told me that they had sent you to the United States to work. :):):):)

    Hope you are sending me some snaps of the 4th of July :)

    And about the weekend quips - don;t u think it would have been just a repeption again and again ? :)

  5. Mr ams and Mr me,
    this is Agnostia. Mr me here is halfway amazed by my regular visit to his blog.

    Mr ams, you should check your own blog out too. I have taken some liberties at commenting at your "stuff" too.

    Mr ams, from the above comments, I take you are in the US of As... hmmm do tell the rest of the world (which is this side of the world) about your San Deigo adventure.

    And Mr me, don't lose heart. Come check out the cafe inside Landmark or just the literature and Science fiction section in Landmark at Spencer's Plaza - a girl with glasses, she would have a denim handbag, kind of ok to look at. Nothing grand.

    She would be there Friday to Sunday, from 3.30 to 5.30 PM. If you are lucky enough, you would meet "charming agnostic".


  6. Hey Agnostia.... I would really glad if you could address me as Ms than Mr. I am always proud of being a girl :))). Rather, dont prefix :).

    "Me" is really flattered by your comments and reading his blogs regualrly..:)))) and sir, will send you the pics, some great pics.. of beautiful girls, awesome landscape, human brilliance and talent.

    Anyways, i'll keep you guys posted of my weekend, just not finding the bandwidth to write down a long blog...

    And, you guys have a great time together!

  7. Hey that was fast. I am sorry for calling you Mr. So Ms ams - or simble ams - you are always welcome to post comments on the UNusual yada yada of mine!!!!!

    I am planning to make the rendezvous easier for Mr me here - the girl would wear a gold-plated watch on her left hand; one gold ring on her left hand. two on her right. unpainted nails - toe and hands both. nails on both hands.

    So how about meeting Agnostia Mr me. and ams - i wish you were in India. at least i wouldn't have to apply for a passport and a visa to meet you..

  8. Hmmm...I'm humbled. Funny how everyone tends to think that each line is meant specially for them or in reference to themselves. Totally in sync with my philosophy that the world revolves around oneself...(Warning: long profound philosophical explanation to that rather brash me ur better off without it). Anyways...i had a lovely weekend, did something impulsive, no regrets.

    p.s- Saravana Bhavan...i envy you.

  9. To the smelly sock of Einstein...

    So what was the impulsive thing u did ?

    Did u hug the huge white man who was walking the corridor and told him afterwards that you weren't able to get your hands around him ? :P:P


    Impulse, repowered.