Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The King Shall return...

Unstoppable downpour of mails at office and a broken internet connection at home for the last days has caused my small stint of absence without official leave from the domain of blogging.

I know the people want more and I wouldn’t let you drown in despair, the ardent followers of the Big One. Before the cacophony drowns the world in it's asynchronous humdrum, the King would return.

And bring with him, the harmony, the charisma and everything else that you've been wanting. Keep calling!! :)

Oh, I am so full of it, amn't I ? :)
(Holding my little tummy to laugh)


  1. hey

    thanks for the calvin dude! loved 'em!!


  2. Yo maan!!!

    What's with the flowery words? Can't you come back to the future - 21st Century English?

    What's with the Dark Ages language? Oh yeah. You are soooo full of IT!!! And we wouldn't mind if you take a hike for the good either.

    And ain't that the same little tummy that could make you look like the Before Tom Hanks in Cast Away than the After Tom Hanks you so wish to be right? The same tummy that you are holding?

  3. Hey dd,

    you are always welcome... I've got a cd full of Asterix, Calvin hobbes n tintin ( Yeah yeah yeah me is boasting :):):) )

    and Agnostia,
    What do i get if i have to pass the cd to you? The better bid wins :):)

    King of Toons