Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Conspiracy against Modern Earth...

The Gods fear as the power of Big One returns. The immortal fear of the Mortal One taking over the reign of the immortals above is so clear.

My Internet Connection was repaired yesterday. And when I started to once again let my creativity stream though the key boards into the wanting minds of you, my ardent followers, there was rain. Lashed with loud thunder and streaks of fearsome lightning, the Gods leashed their fear on me through the heavy downpour. And then humanity gave in. Electricity went kaput due to this rain!

But don’t you worry - the Big One shall not give in that easily. We will overcome these small hurdles and the Big One shall shine as the morning sun. And there would be light in your lives.

Oh, I'm definitely full of it!!!!
(Still holding my little tummy to laugh!)

PS Agnostia - And no, my I don’t have a tummy. I use it as a figure of speech :P
(Ah but then, sometimes, I do have to breathe out, and during those times, well, it’s a different story :) )



  1. If the power goes, there is always the UPS,no?

  2. Aaaah - u r right - but then the Gods had thought of that too - they took the power of the entire street - so was gone my connectivity - the hub! :(

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  4. Now, pls get on your foot!


  5. Jesus Christ would turn over in his grave (if he is still in it) when he reads this one - so full of conceit.

    Mr Phantom aka me aka Mr conceit, why don't you for once be like some of us lowly mortals and be more subdued about your "divine" powers??


    Waiting with bated breath.. (And I am good liar too)